The Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library with Expansion Unit Chassis 9U (8-00372-03) is a powerful and reliable data storage and backup solution that offers high-capacity and high-performance. This tape library comes with a range of features and components that make it well-suited for a variety of applications, including data center backup, disaster recovery, and long-term archival storage.

One of the key features of the Scalar i500 is its high-capacity storage. The tape library can hold up to 500 LTO tapes, and with the expansion unit, it increases the capacity to store more tapes. This makes it ideal for large-scale data storage and backup, and allows you to store a significant amount of data in a relatively small footprint.

The Scalar i500 also offers a range of connectivity options. The tape library comes with a variety of cards, including the DRV ASM, HP LTO5, UDS3, and DUAL FC (8-00603-01, UF-HE-LTO4-FC, 9-01936-01) which enables you to connect the tape library to a variety of hosts, including servers, workstations, and storage arrays.

The Scalar i500 also comes with backup power supplies (9-00572-02, CRU, I500 Power Module) that ensure that the tape library is always running and your data is always protected. In case of power failure, the backup power supplies will keep the tape library running so that you can finish your backup or archive processes without any interruption.

Included or sold separately

  • Quantum Scalar i500, 8-00533-01, Tape Library Data Storage Backup
  • Quantum Scalar i500 Tape Library Expansion Unit Chassis 9U  8-00372-03


  • DRV ASM, HP LTO5, UDS3, DUAL FC, 8-00603-01, UF-HE-LTO4-FC, 9-01936-01

Backup Power supplies

  • 9-00572-02, CRU, I500 Power Module

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