How do you check if a cisco product is end of life?

How do you check if a cisco product is end of life?

There are three ways to check if a cisco product is end of life. Either check the global END-OF-LIFE announcement page, by using the serial number checker tool (sncheck) which includes information about the end of sales and end of life dates or contacting your cisco account manager directly.

End Of life Annoucment page

What you need: the model/part number or family name for your switch model

  1. Navigate to the link:

2. Check if your cisco family is listed on this page

3. If it is check if your model number is listed

4. If you are unable to find information about your part its most likely not end of life


What you need: a valid serial number from the same family/model you are checking

  1. Login/create to your cisco account:

2. Navigate to the Cisco serial number checker tool:

3. Enter the serial number

4. End of life status will be listed on the resulting page

Contacting your cisco representative

If you have a maintenance contract with Cisco you can always contact your account manager to get more information about the lifecycle of a cisco product.

here is an example from a cisco ASR-920-24TZ-M, the check was made 20230509