Comparison between Linux MacOS and Windows CLI/Terminal commands


The following guide provides an extensive comparison of common Linux commands and their equivalents in macOS and Windows operating systems. This comparison is essential for developers, system administrators, and IT professionals who frequently transition between different operating systems. It serves as a handy reference for executing similar tasks across Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Description Linux Command macOS Equivalent Windows Equivalent
List directory contents ls ls dir
Disk usage of files and directories du du dir /s or Get-ChildItem
List block devices lsblk diskutil list Get-Disk in PowerShell
Show IP addresses ip a ifconfig ipconfig
Search text using patterns grep grep findstr or Select-String
Copy files and directories cp cp copy or Copy-Item
Move or rename files and directories mv mv move or Move-Item
Remove files or directories rm rm del or Remove-Item
Change file mode bits chmod chmod icacls
Change file owner and group chown chown takeown / icacls
Archive files tar tar tar (in recent versions)
Report file system disk space usage df df fsutil volume diskfree
Report process status ps ps Get-Process in PowerShell
Send signal to a process kill kill taskkill
Task manager top top or htop Task Manager or Get-Process

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Comparison: The guide covers a wide range of frequently used commands in Linux, mapping each to its macOS and Windows counterparts.
  • User-Friendly Format: Presented in an easy-to-read Markdown table, making it simple to find and understand the equivalent commands across different operating systems.
  • Practical Reference: Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts who need to adapt their command-line skills to various environments. Whether you're managing file systems, monitoring system processes, or configuring network settings, this guide offers the necessary command-line translations.


This guide is tailored to be accessible for both beginners and advanced users. It demystifies the command-line interface (CLI) across different platforms, promoting a smoother transition and adaptation for users of all skill levels.

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