DL380 vs DL385 servers, what is the difference?

DL380 vs DL385 servers, what is the difference?

The primary difference between the HP ProLiant DL380 and DL385 servers lies in the type of processors they support:

  1. HP ProLiant DL380: This server model supports Intel processors and Intel Xeon Scalable processors.
  2. HP ProLiant DL385: This server model supports AMD processors and AMD EPYC processors.

Besides the processor difference, these servers have similar features such as form factor, memory, storage options, and power supply options. However, specific capabilities, performance, power usage, and other aspects can vary depending on the exact model and configuration.

HP ProLiant DL380HP ProLiant DL385
Processor SupportIntel processors (e.g., Intel Xeon Scalable for Gen10 series)AMD processors (e.g., AMD EPYC for Gen10 series)
PerformanceBalanced performance, versatile for various environmentsHigh performance, ideal for high computational demands
Core CountVaries depending on the specific Intel processor usedTypically higher, due to AMD EPYC processors
MemoryRobust, varies depending on configurationTypically more robust, depending on specific AMD EPYC processor
SecurityIntel-based security featuresEnhanced with AMD's strong security features
Use CaseBalanced solution for various IT environmentsIdeal for high-performance computing, virtualization, memory-centric applications

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