qemu/kvm/libvirt guests, up and running checklist

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Getting started with libvirt, a checklist

Requirements: KVM hypervisor/virtualization packages on your virtualization host/libvirt host

Management can either be done using:

  • Command line, the virsh command line tool
  • Command line, virt-install for installing
  • Command line, qemu cli tools,
  • Web, cockpit project with virtualization plugin enabled
  • Virt manager GUI on another linux host.


  • Guest = the virtual machine running on the virtualization host
  • Storage pools = a designated part of the filesystem that stores guest images/disks.

Most common things to do on a guest

  • create/delete a guest
  • start / stop a guest
  • add virtual devices, such as cd-roms, disks
  • change virtual devices, such as the amount of ram, cpus
  • configure networking
  • configure firewall
  • configure remote access with VNC


  1. Enable copy paste between computers
  2. Slow spice performance likely because of wayland display server