The serial number checking tool does not verify ownership

It is important to note that while checking the contract status of a device's serial number provides valuable information about the device's warranty status and SmartNet coverage, it does not reveal information about the device's current owner. This means that it is not possible to determine who currently owns the device by checking its serial number using this tool.

Only Cisco themselves would have access to this information, and it would only be shared with authorized personnel or law enforcement officials under certain circumstances. Therefore, checking the contract status of a device's serial number should not be used as a means of verifying ownership.

Information that can be obtained with the tool:

This information is typically provided by Cisco when checking the contract status of a device's serial number:

  • Product: The product information describes the specific device for which the serial number is registered. This information may include the product name, model number, and other identifying information.
  • Product ID: This may refer to a unique identifier assigned to the specific product or device.
  • End of Sale: This refers to the date when Cisco stopped selling the product.
  • Not Announced: If "End of Sale" or "End of Support" is listed as "Not Announced," this means that Cisco has not yet determined the specific date when this will occur.
  • End of Support: This refers to the date when Cisco will no longer provide technical support, including software updates and hardware replacements, for the product.
  • Contract: This section provides information about any SmartNet contracts that have been purchased for the device.
  • Status: If a SmartNet contract has been purchased for the device, the status will be "Covered." If not, it will indicate "Not Covered."
  • Number: This refers to the contract number assigned to the SmartNet contract.
  • Type: This may refer to the level of SmartNet service that has been purchased, such as "8x5xNBD" (8 hours a day, 5 days a week, next-business-day) or "24x7x4" (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 hours response time).
  • Warranty: This section provides information about the warranty status of the device.
  • Status: If the warranty is still in effect, the status will be "Active." If the warranty has expired, the status will be "Expired."
  • Type: This may refer to the type of warranty that was originally provided with the device, such as a standard warranty or an extended warranty.

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This is how the Cisco Device coverage checker looks like after a serial has been verified and checked