What is the difference between WS-C3650-24PS-S and WS-C3650-24TD-L

The WS-C3650-24PS-S and WS-C3650-24TD-L are both Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series switches, but they have some key differences:

  1. Power over Ethernet (PoE): The WS-C3650-24PS-S supports Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows it to provide power to connected devices such as IP phones, wireless access points, and IP cameras over Ethernet cables. The WS-C3650-24TD-L does not support PoE.
  2. Uplink ports: The WS-C3650-24PS-S has four Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports, while the WS-C3650-24TD-L has two 10-Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports.
  3. Port density: The WS-C3650-24PS-S has 24 PoE+ ports with a maximum power output of 390W, while the WS-C3650-24TD-L has 24 non-PoE ports. This means that the WS-C3650-24PS-S can support more connected devices with power needs than the WS-C3650-24TD-L.
  4. Price: The WS-C3650-24PS-S is generally more expensive than the WS-C3650-24TD-L due to its PoE capabilities.

The WS-C3650-24PS-S is designed for environments that require PoE, such as offices and classrooms that need to power multiple devices over Ethernet, while the WS-C3650-24TD-L is designed for high-speed network connectivity and does not have PoE capabilities.