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Fedex CI template (Valid for 2024)

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Fedex guide on commerical invoices

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UPS Commerical Invoices (valid as of 2024)

The standard response when UPS is unable to process a shipment is listed below:

Hi. We were unable to properly process your shipment for export. To complete this process, we need All of the following information below returned to us before it will export out of the country:
•            We require a Power of Attorney from the US Shipper with the address matching the invoice to properly process your shipment. (Please complete one of the attached SLI doc with instructions, one-time POA or Blanket POA) 
•            Your shipment was missing the required License/License Exemption/License Exception. If your shipment requires a License/License Exemption, please ensure the necessary paperwork is forwarded.  Some examples of License/License Exemptions are State Department, Commerce Department, DEA, Fish and Wildlife and Nuclear Regulatory Commission. (If unsure of the license requirements, contact the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Exporter Help line at 949-660-0144; 408-998-8806;202-482-4811. U.S. Export Licenses: Navigating Issues and Resources (
•            Your shipment was missing an Export Commodity Classification number (ECCN), if required for your commodity. (If unsure of the ECCN, contact the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Exporter Help Line at 949-660-0144; 408-998-8806;202-482-4811.)
•            We require your US Exporter Identification Number (EIN) Number to properly process your shipment. Per US Census Bureau, individuals exporting from the United States must have an EIN even if they do not own a business. Whether you are exporting on behalf of a U.S. company or simply shipping a personal vehicle or gift to a family member, the requirement to obtain an EIN remains the same. (Contact the IRS at 800-829-4933 to obtain an EIN.)
•            Please advise your Internal Transaction Number if your company filed on your own behalf.
Please contact the AES Central Regulatory Group via email as soon as possible to provide the needed information.  You can also contact us at our email with the requested information to Once the information is received, we will be able to properly process your shipment for export. Thank you for your help.
Please note:  ***All shipments will be Returned to shipper AFTER 3 business days if no response or 5 business days if response has been received and the shipment issue remains unresolved***
                         Please always reply to all